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Right to everybody who wants to play sports at a competitive level as both a recreational level or therapeutic supplement.

We will conduct a study report which set out the criteria and plan thinking about the objectives you will reach. We structure and design a dossier with the full planning with the activities' schedule and their relationship to the achievement of the objectives.

We support the project personally if necessary.

  • HEALTH IMPROVING: addressed to those who wish to be oriented in their physical activity performance.
  • PERSONAL TRAINING: as a sports supplement .
  • AFTER INJURIES TRAINING: addressed to those who , after obtaining a medical discharge, should return to the coaches of a particular sport.
  • PERSONAL OBJECTIVES: to reach your specific goals.
  • PHYSICAL EDUCATION: specially addressed to those who want to come back to the physical activity.
  • DIET FILLING UP: addressed to those who want to reach a concrete goal connected with their diet.